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Find and share better content, fast.

Discover, curate and schedule relevant content within seconds via Twitter and Buffer.

Build a Crate

1. Build a Crate customized to you

Create a group of relevant blogs, influencers, competitors, journalists, keywords, topics, etc.

Crate Finds Content

2. Crate will find the best content

We'll use your list and compare it to the social graph to uncover the best links these people have shared that include your keywords & URLs

Share Great Content

3. Share great content from your account

Tweet engaging content instantly or connect your Buffer account and add content to your queue

What people are saying:

Crate user

Christin Kardos

Crate drastically reduces the time I spend curating content that is relevant, interesting and timely for my community. Check it out!

Crate user

Patrick Hankinson

Most users that see an inactive social media account see an inactive company. Crates creates an active & engaged presence with our audience.

Crate user

Shayla Price

Crate is an awesome tool. It lets you easily share the most relevant content to engage your audience. Saves me time!

Crate turns content intelligence into content excellence.

Receive relevant content suggestions that your audience will be interested in and schedule the articles to be shared from your accounts with ease.

We gather data based on what's important to you and deliver articles worth reading.

Content your audience will love.

(1) Build a Crate, (2) curate and share articles, (3) save time and increase engagement


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