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Do Women Have More to Gain or Lose from Migration than Men do Essay

Globally, men and women are involved in the tussle of moving from one point to another to seek for well-paying jobs. All these processes involve challenges that the migrants must face. When these genders migrate to foreign countries, men get jobs in high commercial companies, educational institutions, and hospitals. On the other hand, women are absorbed in jobs like mail-order brides, household workers, caregivers, and sex workers.


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Obviously, the payment rates for these two categories of jobs are incomparable. In analyzing the employment fields that the two genders work after migrating to the foreign countries, it is evident that the men gain more than women do. Unfortunately, the society has grouped jobs in terms of masculine and feminine.

Interestingly, these jobs are well paying as compared to the previous jobs that the women immigrants were doing in their native countries. Despite the fact that the feminine jobs are easy to find, they do not only have low pay packages but also have unfavorable working conditions. On the working conditions, the employees are not offered off duty programs, monetary motivation during overtimes, are physically abused, and have no access to labor unions.

For instance, house workers are prone to frequent abuses such as exploitation, forceful sexual advancements, unpaid wages, or salaries, and physical injuries. Conversely, the males enjoy varied services like job insurance, annual salary increments, hardship allowances, active labor unions, and job securities. From this point of view, the gains that women receive verses the loses they incur, reveal that women have more to lose from migration than their men colleagues do.

In connection with the above point, traffickers do illegally take women out of their native countries with an intention of sexually abusing them. The persistent urge for sexual advancements among men makes sex workers remain in high demand. In this 21 st century, there is the HIV/AIDS that is mostly transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. This molesting behavior is not affecting the men immigrants.

The repercussions of sexually transmitted infections are worse. Therefore, the women develop stress-related disorders like stigma, depression, and withdrawal. In addition, these traffickers can use the women in drug peddling, as they believe that such jobs are non-feminine, so the illegal trade would go on unnoticed. The infected women may lead a reckless life and can even spread the virus. In migration, women are the principal losers than the men.

Moreover, in a continent like Asia, governments have formulated tough emigration policies for the women folk. In contrary, men can acquire their travelling documents at ease. In addition, most governments are releasing more visas to occupations that are masculine.


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Worse still, these same governments prohibit immigrations based on family reunions. Evidently, these laws are discriminatory to the women folk; they need to be amended to inculcate the interests of all genders. The period when men viewed females as sub-genders, who cannot match the male counterparts should be long gone.

When these happen, women are the ones left to take care of the children. Since men prefer to have fewer responsibilities, they can even decide not 5 of the Greatest Engineers from the United Kingdom to send money back home. The mothers, being emotionally attached to their children, will never leave the kids. They will be the families’ sole providers. It beats logic that men can also decide not to come back to their native countries.

This situation makes women miss the emotional companionship. Remarkably, these women will struggle physically and mentally to ensure that they put food on the table. Again, they will undergo emotional struggles in order to maintain their marriages and families. From this viewpoint, obviously, women have less to gain from the overseas migration phenomenon.

Women who secure jobs in the foreign countries realize upward movements in the socio-economic status. However, this is incomparable to men’s changes of status. It is worth to acknowledge the economic strength women acquire after migration.

Once again, the women’s economic strengths cannot be compared to that of men. Unfortunately, such women may pose ‘financial threats’ to their husbands. Certainly, men always feel insecure if their wives are earning more than what they earn or if they are jobless, but the wives are employed. Such groups of men can withdraw from household responsibilities like paying utility bills.

The women are left to multitask in order to support the family and even secure or protect their jobs. This scenario traumatizes women. For example, they can come late from work and at the same time, they need to prepare some household routines. These cases are prevalent among families, in developing countries, which move to developed nations like U.S. to seek for employment.

To some extent, some women do migrate to join their family members in the diaspora. These women mainly do this for social aspects than economic aspects. Economically, these women do not become productive in their new houses. Instead, they will concentrate on the household tasks and even secure low paying jobs in their neighborhood. Therefore, women have less to gain from the migration than men do.


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