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How To Curate Content So Good It Will Make Luke Cage Yell Sweet Christmas


If you want to build a following (fast) content creation or content curation is the best marketing approach around.

The challenge for doing either one is time.

It takes time to create great content. It takes time to curate great content.

As a result, we’re seeing a world filled with marketers and content creators writing content that is mediocre at best. We’re also seeing newsletters and Twitter accounts filled with content that is being shared by everyone else.


What can you do to ensure that you’re not stuck in the trap of mediocrity?

Create & curate content that will make your audience say: 



For content creation, this means creating 10x content—content that’s 10 times better than what everyone else is producing. (Check out that link if you’re interested in learning how to create 10x content.)

Right now I’m going to focus on content curation, or pushing content produced by other sources.

For “Sweet Christmas!”-worthy content curation, you’re aspiring to find content that…

  1. …makes your audience want to read all the way through. You don’t want them to exit halfway through an article because it’s a snorefest. You want the information to be valuable.
  2. …is either new or is relevant to something happening right now in the industry or the media. If you’re sharing an article from last year, it should still be relevant today.
  3. …is a summary of something your audience doesn’t have time to read. No one feels like they have enough time to do everything they want to do. Curating content that saves your audience time is a great way to earn a few brownie points.
  4. …is focused around one core topic, theme or subject. Don’t be scattered.

In this blog post, I’ll share some of the ways you can uncover this content.

Let’s get started.


The Ultimate Content Curation Guide And How The Ridah Technique Can Help

Today, I’m going to show you how Crate can take your Content Curation abilities to the next level. Content curation is one of the best ways for people to build a following on social media and gain authority within an industry. Content curation is the act of sifting through content in a variety of different channels and platforms to uncover the content that your audience would find useful.


In this blog post, I’m going to share with you one of the best techniques I’ve found to curate quality content online. In particular, I’m going to share how you can use Crate to grow your following by a substantial amount every single day and save time from hunting for content.

This blog post is a must read for any content marketer.

We’re going to dive into the definition of content curation to ensure you’re on the same page. From there, I’ll be diving into some stats about the power of content curation and finally I’ll be sharing a special technique. A technique that I wish someone would have shared with me when I first jumped on Twitter or started curating content for newsletters. It’s called the Ridah Technique.

Sick name right?


Let’s get to it…