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The Easiest Way To Curate Great Content For The Week (In Under 10 Minutes)


Content curation is not an easy task.

It’s the act of scouring through a handful of different infographics, articles, blog posts, videos and stories to find the pieces of content that your audience would find relevant. Content curation has helped many digital brands and media outlets skyrocket into households names.

For example, when you look at that BuzzFeed article with 15 images that remind you of your youth, that’s content curation. Or when you get that email newsletter with a recap of the must-read articles for the last week; that’s content curation.

Content curation is all around us. Brands can use it. Individuals can use it. Media can use it. But it’s not easy.

In this article, I’m going to share with you how to Curate content using Crate for the entire week in less than 30 minutes. The approach I’m going to share is one that I’ve used when things get busy and one that hundreds of Crate users have used to save time.

Here’s how you can get started with Crate and save hours off your day:

Getting Started: Identify Topics Of Interest

Before you build a Crate, you have to understand what type of content you want to share online. Are you looking to share content about marketing or psychology? Are you looking to share articles or video content? What exactly is it that your audience is interested in reading and what impact will it have on your brand by sharing stories that are aligned with this topic?

As an example, I’m going to use my own account as an example of how to schedule content for the week. When it comes to the topic, I like to share content that falls into four key categories: Marketing, Startups, Entrepreneurship & Productivity.

Let’s start by building a Crate:

Build Crate

Select +BUILD A NEW CRATE and get started on your way!


Start Adding Tags To Your Crate

Once you know your topic, it’s time to start adding tags that are relevant. The tags you can add to a Crate consist of domains, twitter handles and keywords.

Here’s what we do with each:

Crate Keywords

Spend a couple minutes thinking about the types of content you like to share with your followers and the keywords that are most relevant. The more targeted and niche your keywords, the more likely you’ll see results that are relevant. Don’t use generic phrases that have relevance across a variety of topics like “Money” or “Life” as they’ll give you back a handful of articles that may not be relevant to your interests.

For domains, upload the sites that you know publish great blog posts on a specific topic. For example, if you’re looking to curate content about yoga, you may use as a domain. If you’re trying to curate content about business and marketing, you may use, or

For an Entrepreneurship Crate, I’m going to upload some of my favorite resources – @INC and

Crate Building

Identify & Curate The Best Content

Once you press build, you will be met with a stream of content that is filled with quality links and interesting articles.

Scrolling Content Crate

Some of our users use this stream of content as a way to stay on top of news and others use it to for content curation. You can click the title of an article to read it in detail and determine if it’s something you want to share.

Once you’ve found an article you want to share, you share using Buffer, immediately or you can schedule the article to go out later:

Schedule Tweet

One of the best things about Crate is that Crate captures the image from your URL (if available) and includes it in your tweet. Understand your audience along with the times in which users are more likely to click, retweet and interact with your content. Read more about 100 free spin no deposit. Once you know the best times to tweet, schedule your content at the best times for engagement on Twitter.

Ok, So what’s next?

Simple: Rinse & Repeat.

Use this process a few times and you’ll have content scheduled for the entire week. Use this process for an entire week and you might not need to schedule content again for a month! Crate helps you put your Twitter account on autopilot and spend your time more effectively.

So tell me… What are you going to do with all your free time?