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Three Ways To Share Better Content on Twitter Using Crate

Let me guess:

You’re using Twitter but despise the process of finding  content to share; day in and day out.

You’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be as dreadful as it is.

We have a solution. It’s Crate…

And in this blog post, I’m going to share with you three ways that Crate can help you share better content on Twitter. How using Crate, you can share content that your audience actually wants to see in their feed and is more likely to engage with.

Let’s get to it.

Here’s three ways that Crate can help you share better content on Twitter:

Curate Content From Resources Your Followers Love

When you walk into an art exhibit, the pieces you’re looking at have been curated by someone who works there. Community managers share a similar responsibility for their Twitter followers as they must curate the best articles, blog posts, infographics and quotes for them to consume.

The people behind some of the best newsletters and Twitter accounts are actively seeking great content to share. People crave new articles and pieces of content that they know have been vetted and determined by a third party as a must-read.

It’s why thousands of people subscribe to newsletters.

With Crate, you have the ability to also be a great content curator by building a Crate that is focused around the interests of your audience.

If you know that your audience is already interested in the content a larger account typically shares, include them in your Crate. If you know a specific website that your audience browse on the regular, include them in your Crate. The following is an example of a Crate focused around entrepreneurship:


Once you’ve identified and placed some quality resources in your Crate, we’ll deliver the best articles for you to distribute to your account.

Keep in mind, content curation is just one piece of your marketing puzzle. It’s important that you still inject personality into your stream with a few mentions, brand content and other tweets that would add value to the lives of your followers.

Share Posts With Images For More Engagement

Using images on Twitter shouldn’t be an after-thought.

It’s the most effective way for you to drive engagement.

This is why we optimize articles with images whenever possible. Crate cross references the articles within your feed to identify Twitter images that should be shared based on their appeal, relevance and shareability.

Finding images to share with your articles shouldn’t require an extra step. Studies have shown that adding images to your tweets is the number one driver for increasing retweets and engagement:


So when you’re using Crate, you’ll be met with a feed of articles and with those articles will be visuals. The photo will show up in your share dialog as you can see in the image below and you can decide to keep it or remove the image by simply the X in the top corner.


Once shared, the visual is pushed to your followers along with the link to this article.

Leverage Stats To Know What Content Your Fans Want

Think about this:

How many times to you scroll through your newsfeed and see something that is completely irrelevant to your life?

And how often do you ever engage with those posts?

Barely ever right?

That’s why it’s important to look at the stats associated with your tweets to understand what content your audience actually wants.

Using Crate, you have the ability to see stats associated with the different tweets you share through our platform to better understand what content your audience wants to see:

StatsCrateLeverage this intelligence to create better Crates and share better content. When you do that, you’ll be able to create content that is more likely to be retweeted and arm yourself with the ability to drive real results.

Riddle Me This…

I’m always interested in hearing the tactics that others take in their marketing efforts.

So I’m curious:

What tools and process have you taken over the last few months to find and share great content on social media? If you’re like me, you may have used Buffer Suggestions but with that feature retired – Crate is a great replacement.

Let us know in the comments below!