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The Power of Distribution: Why You Should Promote Your Content More

The secret ingredient to a successful content marketing strategy is distribution.

In fact, some experts recommend that content marketers spend as much time promoting their content as they do creating it. For me, I recommend that you spend 2x the amount promoting your content as you do creating it:

The success of content isn’t over when you press publish. It’s what you do after that determines how well you will do. – Wade Harman

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of creating compelling, high-quality, click-worthy content – the foundation of a sustainable content strategy. Today we’re going to dive deep into the importance of distribution and how you can build a content promotion strategy that will give your content wings.

A little over a year ago I had an epiphany.

I had written more than 500,000 words over the course of two years for a combination of e-books, infographics, guides and blog posts. Some of the content I created was shared across social media more than 400 times, others more than 2.5K times. That massive gap motivated me to investigate why there was such a difference in the amount of attention my content was getting.

I learned an important lesson. Content isn’t king.

No matter how great my content was, if I didn’t put it out there for others to consume it would fall flat.

There are millions of pieces of content shared across the web every day. The only way to cut through the noise was to hustle hard and build a quality distribution strategy that would get eyeballs on my content. There is no magic button or one best channel to do this. It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it.

It’s so powerful that I gave it a name.

D.R.E.A.M – Distribution Rules Everything Around Me. [Check this out]

Content is no longer king, distribution is.

So how can you build a distribution strategy that will get you the results your content deserves? Here are the five key components I recommend every quality distribution strategy focus on:

Leverage the power of your email distribution list

One of the greatest things you can do for your content is build an email distribution list.

When your fans opt-in to your email list, they are ready to open, click and engage with the content you send them. It’s the single best way to get your content to the largest group of people interested in what you’re doing.

For example, each time you publish new content to your blog you should notify your email list that new content is available. You can do this a number of different ways:

  1. Send a newsletter with the full blog post included, link back to the blog and include a CTA encouraging readers to share the content with their followers on social media.
  2. Send a newsletter with a short blurb introducing the new blog post and several primers of previous posts they might have missed with “read more” links embedded that direct readers back to the website to consume the content and share on social.
  3. Automated emails from a subscription list that are automatically generated when a new article is published to your blog.

Regardless of the approach you take (you may take more than one approach or change it up depending on the content you’re promoting) the point here is to get your new content in front of your followers as soon as it’s live on your website and encourage them to consume it and share it with their own network of followers and influencers.

Share content on social more than once

Relying on email subscriptions and email distribution lists alone won’t get you the reach and growth you’re dreaming of. Read more about free spin no deposit bonus codes. Promoting your content across social media is critical to achieving the traffic goals you’ve set and extending the reach and lifeline of your content.

Each time you publish a new article to your blog, share it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – all the channels you use to connect with your audience. Most people use these sites to get their news and find relevant content. If you don’t include these channels in your promotion strategy you’ll miss a critical opportunity for getting your content seen by those who matter most to your brand.

Tweeting a link to your latest blog post is great. Tweeting it every day is better.

Number Of Tweets Per Day

In the chart above, you’ll see the amount of retweet activity based on the number of tweets you send. I’m showing you this tweet to demonstrate the obvious: the more you tweet, the better the chances your content will be retweeted and seen by your followers.

As such, the more frequently you share your own content on Twitter, the better the chances that your followers will engage and interact with it.

In the post below, you can see that the most popular brands on don’t exactly follow this formula:

Average Posts Per Day by Brand

Plan to share your post on social media in the morning, mid-day and evening, multiple times throughout the week.

With Crate and its Buffer integration, you can easily schedule tweets to go out multiple times a day, every day for a week or a few times a month. The frequency is up to you. We simply help you do it efficiently and seamlessly.

In addition, don’t forget to respond to social shares with a friendly thank you. Rewarding social interaction with more interaction is key to relationship building and extending the life of your content.

Guest post on another blog or website

Guest Blogging

Creating content or promoting your existing content on other people’s sites is a great way to establish credibility for your brand and generate traffic.

Guest blogging or repurposing your existing content on other established blogs and websites allows you to siphon another’s readership for your own purposes. These new readers might decide to subscribe to your blog, follow you on social media or sign up for a free ebook. Here’s a post of mine in action:

Reddit - Cracking The Code


And in this blog post, I promote the Reddit Marketing Guide.

Over the years, I’ve published on sites like Social Media Examiner, Forbes, Huffington Post, SEMRush, Crazy Egg and more. I’ve been able to do this by building relationships with those behind these sites while also creating content that their audience has an appetite for.

Want to write for GQ? Write about men’s fashion.

Want to write for Elite Daily? Write about young people.

Want to write for Write about entrepreneurship.

Focus on building a reputation for creating great content and then share your story with those who decide whether or not you can be published on their site.

This is a great way to grow your audience and enhance your promotion efforts month over month.

Enable and encourage others to share your content

Make it easy for people to share your content.

The best source to promote your content is the people who are already reading it. Your readers are more likely to share your content when you make it easy for them.

Click to Tweet snippets are an easy and effective way to get your readers to share your content. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create tweetable content, like pull quotes or custom messages, inside the body of your blog post so that readers can easily tweet out 140-characters directly from within your post.

Simplicity is key. When you have something you want your users to do, tell them to do it! (Tweet this)

See what I did there?

If your readers have to search for the opportunity or leave your site in order to share your content, you’re actually creating barriers that prevent your desired action from occurring.

Personally target influencers

A great way to succeed in content marketing is to engage influencers in your industry. Tools like make this process 10x easier and I strongly recommend you check them out. Anyways, back to the point…

Influencers can be industry leaders, thought provokers, journalists or respected bloggers. Establishing relationships with influencers offers many benefits: extending the reach of your content, adding credibility to your content, and growing your network.

Build a list of people who regularly blog or talk about key topics or themes relevant to your industry. Search them out and collect their contact information; email and social handles. Once you have a comprehensive list of influencers to engage with, make the connection.

Start by following them on social media.

Mention them in your tweets, link to them in your content and start a discussion with them on Twitter.

Share their content with your followers and extend kudos to content you find particularly awesome or thought-provoking. Build a meaningful relationship.

Now you’re ready to leverage this list for your own promotion purposes.

Going forward, when you create content that would be of interest to members of your influencer list, you can send them a personal email and share your content with them directly. The key here is to not ask for anything in return. Use this as a tactic for building a stronger relationship, not for soliciting shares. If your content is interesting, high-quality and relevant – they’ll share it.

But don’t be too aggressive.

Here is a proposed template for your direct email to influencers:

Hello [insert name],

I recently read your latest post [insert title here] and just wanted to say, Bravo!

I’m a big fan! I’ve enjoyed following your work for a while now. 

In fact, that’s why I’m emailing. I just published a [type of content] about [topic], titled, [insert name of post]. I know you’re interested in this topic and thought you might like this piece.

If you’d like to dive in, you can find it here: [insert link]

Just wanted to let you know and thank you for the great content you create – you’re site is an awesome resource.

Have a great day!

[Your name]

With this approach you want to make it personal and limit the frequency of your outreach. It becomes less effective – and truthfully, annoying – if you do this every time you publish a new blog post. Keep track of the dates you’re connecting and ensure you’re leaving an appropriate amount of time in between each email you send.


As content creators we become so focused on crafting highest-quality content for our readers that we can easily forget about promoting our own work. You’ve hopefully learned some important strategies today that will help you integrate content promotion into your marketing strategy.

Let’s recap. Build a distribution strategy that includes the following elements:

  1. Leverage the power of your email distribution list
  2. Share your content on social, multiple times
  3. Promote your existing content on third-party sites or guest blog on another website
  4. Make it easy for readers to share your content
  5. Personally target influencers with direct email

Finally, commit to making content promotion a daily task.

Looking for strategies on how to find better content to share?

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