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About Crate

We help marketers and teams save time. We’re building a digital social media assistant.

Managing social media shouldn’t be this hard. 


And finding great content should definitely not take up much time.

Think of us as a partner for managing social media more effectively.

How It Works

Tell Crate what type of content you’re looking for.

We start hunting for and delivering the best content in minutes (or seconds).

Share the content immediately or schedule the content to be shared later.

Boost your social media engagement and focus on what matters.

69% of Content Marketers say a lack of time is their biggest challenge

Crate - The Benefits

We’ve built a tool that arms you with the ability to curate better content. We’re building a full suite of products that will give you back the time you need to focus on things that matter to your business and life.

Start using Crate, No-Risk

Most marketers struggle to build brand and establish authority on social media. It’s not about the quantity of posts that matters – it’s the quality. Crate makes it easy to find better content and move the needle for your engagement across the most popular social networks.

Crate can deliver the content you should be sharing regardless of the industry. The types of content we see marketers sharing and curating using Crate has even surprised us. From Tech Startups to Antiques and Social Justice to Productivity Blogs – Crate is delivering content for some of the most unique social media accounts around.

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