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What does Crate do? 

Crate is a platform that helps you find and share great content online. The steps to get started are relatively easy. First, you set up an account and start adding usernames, keywords and domains into a collection (which we call a Crate) that will be used to help find great content. We then deliver a feed of articles, infographics, blog posts and more. From there, you have the ability to share this content immediately, schedule it to be shared at a later time or use our Buffer integration to add the content to your Buffer queue.

How do I get content from Crate?

There are a few simple steps to getting started. First, you want to name your Crate. The name of your Crate is something that describes the type of content you’re looking to share. Then, you’re going to fill this Crate with tags like usernames, keywords or domains. Then, once the tags are added, you can press “build crate” and we will go out and find the best content based on your Crate tags.

What are Crate tags?

Crate tags are domains, keywords or usernames that we use to find content that is relevant to you. We use domains to find the best articles shared from those sites, keywords to find the best articles that use these keywords and Twitter usernames to identify the best content shared by these individuals. 

What is a Crate?

A Crate is a collection of Crate tags that deliver your feed of content.

Which social media accounts can I use with Crate?

Crate is built for Twitter but allows for usage across other channels if you connect to Crate using Buffer. To use Buffer, click your profile and then click “Connect Buffer” to gain the ability to share to other channels.

How do I schedule posts for an exact day & time?

Start by pressing the share button, as you normally would, click the down arrow next to the share button and select schedule. A calendar will pop up where you can choose the date and time for when you want to share the article. Once you have identified the right time, press “set” to add it to your scheduled queue.

Why can’t I log into Crate using Twitter?

If you’re having issues logging in with Twitter from the Crate homepage, it’s possible that one of your browser extensions or VPN is causing the issue. This is a known issue that we’re trying to resolve. Users with certain browser extensions (Hola Unlimited Free VPN, Skype Calling extension, etc) are better off using Crate with these extensions disabled or using a different browser.

I’ve connected Buffer but still cannot share on my Facebook page, why?

You may need to upgrade your Buffer account! There are a few restrictions depending on the type of account you have.

Do I need a Twitter account to use Crate?

Yes. At this time, Twitter is required to sign up.

I can’t access the Crate homepage. What’s wrong?

Uh oh! That’s not good. Clear your cache. Still no luck? Okay, get in touch with us!