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Product Update: Hide Irrelevant Content From Your Crate Feed

It’s our goal to help you save time.

Marketers around the world are spending hundreds of hours sifting through newsletters, search results, blog posts and round ups to uncover content worth sharing. Crate offers the ability to type in a few keywords, user names and domains to be then met with a handful of articles and resources that are relevant to you. As an example, if you’re looking for content about Music, you would simply add a few domains and keywords to your Crate and we’d use those tags to find content worth sharing.

But sometimes…

The content doesn’t exactly fit the narrative and story that you want to share online. We’ve seen this situation happen for many of our users over the last few months and have recognized an opportunity to fix it. Instead of simply scrolling over your Crate feed and wishing that an article wasn’t there, we now offer the ability to hide content in your feed. 


Under the primary social media photo, is a hide button, this button will automatically delete the content from your Crate feed. Once it’s gone, that article will never show up in your Crate feed again and over time, we will be able to make better recommendations as it relates to the content you see based on what you hide and what you share.

This is one small step to helping you uncover only the most relevant, engaging and interesting articles in your space. If you haven’t already signed up for Crate, we offer both a free and paid subscription that adjusts as you grow.

Crate Best Practices: How To Curate Great Content

Crate delivers content suggestions surrounding the articles you should be sharing online. Rather than spending hours hunting and digging for great content – Crate makes it easy by taking a variety of tags and using them to identify the signal in the noise.

Here are some of the best practices for building a great Crate and curating great content:

Create multiple Crates for multiple topics

Instead of creating one Crate that includes marketing influencers, fitness blogs, Soccer keywords and growth hacking websites – create individual Crates for each topic. For example, to discover great content about marketing I would upload search tags that include websites that write about marketing, the usernames of people who share great links on the topic and keywords from the industry:


A Popular Crate: Your Favorite Websites

Unlike an RSS feed that will bring in everything from these sites, Crate will bring in the best blog posts based on their share count, the date the content was posted and its level of engagement. Fill your Crate with some of your favorite websites so you don’t have to open up 20 different tabs to find content:


Use a variety of topic-specific keywords

Variety is king! Instead of creating a Crate that only includes one or two keywords, add 4 or 5 to give yourself a diverse pool of content. Someone who wants content all about Growth Hacking might build a Crate that includes keywords like this:


Use a variety of topic-specific keywords rather than  vague phrases

Instead of just writing Marketing as a keyword, use Startup Marketing  Growth Marketing, SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc… Be specific. Remember – Niche to win! 

Include @usernames of people who share lots of links

Otherwise, you will see limited results in your Crate stream. A Crate that includes the Pope’s twitter handle and Mark Zuckerberg isn’t going to give you great results because neither of them share lots of links on Twitter.

What Can I Expect In My Crate Feed?

If you set up your Crates appropriately, you will see results in your stream within a few minutes (maybe seconds). Once your content starts pouring in, identify the links and articles that are relevant to you and determine what’s worth sharing. It will show up like this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.04.16 AM

Crate uses several methods to identify which content should be delivered. You can either share the content immediately or add the content to your Buffer queue. To save you time of coming back to Crate time and time again, we’ve created a schedule function that allows you to schedule content to be shared in the future instead of being forced to share it right away.

Click “Schedule” after the Crate dialog appears and you will be able to schedule the content to be published later in the week or even month:


Rinse & Repeat! 

Using Crate, you can schedule content for the entire week within less than 10 minutes. Stop hunting, digging and searching for great content online – let Crate take control of your curation habits and act as your digital social media sidekick. Get started today.

Introducing Smarter Crates: Making It Easier To Curate Relevant Content


After chatting with many of you, it became obvious that Crate is being used for many different reasons. Whether it’s discovering content about technology and productivity or the environment and human rights, the different types of stories you’re looking for is vast.

With all these different topics, we asked ourselves:

How can we make sure that the results people are seeing are relevant to them?

Since launch, we have been asking ourselves this question on a regular basis. We have an extensive plan for how we will make your Crate feed more relevant and are excited to announce our first step: The ability to build a Smarter Crate.

This has been one of the most popular feature requests over the last few months and we’re excited to announce that it’s here!

Making Your Crate Feed Smarter With Ease

When you build a Crate, all you have to do is add a few relevant Crate tags that we’ll use to find great content. We use scan tweets from @Usernames to find great content they’ve shared, scan domains to find their best articles and leverage keywords to find any articles using those words.

The tags here would be used to find great content:

Crate Content - Smarter Crates

But what if you don’t want to share anything published from a specific domain? With our latest update, you can now exclude certain content from your feed by simply adding a minus symbol in front of the Crate tag.

Avoid Content That Has ZERO Relevance

For example, if I’m looking to share content about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we both know I’m not looking for content about Granite or Sedimentary rocks.

The Rock - Crate Relevance

Using  the latest feature, you can now exclude keywords like “Geology” and “Minerals” to ensure the content is relevant by simply adding a – in front of the tag:

The Rock - Exclude Words

Crate will then filter through the various stories associated with these tags and deliver back the most relevant stories.

Not interested in sharing your competitor’s content?

That’s easy. Add the domain with a minus sign in front like this:

Crate Negative Content

And we’ll never deliver content from their website into your feed.

New Language Features For International Usage

When we launched Crate, we didn’t plan for it to be used all over the world. But thanks to our passionate users, we’re being used in countries and cities that are still on my bucket list for places to visit:

Crate - Map

While we’re still far from done, Crate is excited to now offer the ability to filter content by language.

To recieve content in a different language, click the drop down next to the “English” default and select your prefered language. Once you have identified the language preference, continue to Build your Crate for results.


With the launch of Smarter Crates, we hope that the content showing up in your Crate feed is more relevant than ever before. Give it a try and let us know what you think, we’d love your feedback in the comments below.