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Crate is coming to an end. Learn more here.

Wrapping Up Crate

Over the last few years, we’ve been building Crate as a side project to our full time businesses and careers. We felt there was a need for a more intelligent content curation tool and the market was certainly ready for it.

Thousands of you signed up, embraced, used and loved this service and we really appreciate that. It’s been a very fun and exciting journey. Unfortunately, it’s time for us to say Crate as we know it, farewell.

There are plenty of other solutions that will fill the gap that Crate will leave. Whether it’s Quuu,, Ahrefs Content Explorer, or good ol fashioned Buffer + RSS feeds… We know you’ll be in good hands.

I’m excited about what’s to come in the coming months as we’re not done building. In fact, things are in the hopper as you read this that you may find even more valuable than you found Crate. I’m excited about what’s next. I’m glad to have gone on this journey. And I’m thrilled about what the future will hold.

How @GaryVee Built His Twitter Following & Social Empire In The Early Days


This is Gary Vaynerchuk’s first tweet that he sent out back in May 2007:

Even in the very beginning, Gary was grinding it out.

People look at Gary Vee, as he’s more commonly called, today in awe and admiration. They look to him for advice on marketing, entrepreneurship, self-awareness and building your own brand. His word is held to the highest degree.

So, how did he do it?


How To Fix Your Twitter Presence In 60 Minutes Or Less


Let’s be real, no one really wants to audit their Twitter presence.

You’ve got a to-do list a mile long you need to work through, not to mention a second list with all the new projects you actually want to take on. Blocking off time to fix up your Twitter game isn’t exactly at the top of either list.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be as excruciating as you’re probably thinking?

The truth is, all you really need is an hour. If you can spare just 60 minutes, you can save hours and hours of Twitter work going to waste.

In 60 minutes, you’ll know what content your followers actually want, how to deliver what they’re looking for in a way that encourages engagement, and how you can best set up your profile to up those engagement numbers even more.

I’d say that’s a fair trade, right?

To pull it off, we’re going to focus on three core Twitter to-do’s you need to tackle:

  • Auditing your profile.
  • Auditing your followers.
  • Auditing your content.

The goal here is to arm you with the insights and tactics you need to one up your Twitter game within the hour.

Let’s get started!