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Product Update: Hide Irrelevant Content From Your Crate Feed

It’s our goal to help you save time.

Marketers around the world are spending hundreds of hours sifting through newsletters, search results, blog posts and round ups to uncover content worth sharing. Crate offers the ability to type in a few keywords, user names and domains to be then met with a handful of articles and resources that are relevant to you. As an example, if you’re looking for content about Music, you would simply add a few domains and keywords to your Crate and we’d use those tags to find content worth sharing.

But sometimes…

The content doesn’t exactly fit the narrative and story that you want to share online. We’ve seen this situation happen for many of our users over the last few months and have recognized an opportunity to fix it. Instead of simply scrolling over your Crate feed and wishing that an article wasn’t there, we now offer the ability to hide content in your feed. 


Under the primary social media photo, is a hide button, this button will automatically delete the content from your Crate feed. Once it’s gone, that article will never show up in your Crate feed again and over time, we will be able to make better recommendations as it relates to the content you see based on what you hide and what you share.

This is one small step to helping you uncover only the most relevant, engaging and interesting articles in your space. If you haven’t already signed up for Crate, we offer both a free and paid subscription that adjusts as you grow.

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