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6 Smart & Easy Twitter Marketing Ideas You Can Steal

Every month more than 400 million people open their phone or computer and log into Twitter. It can be estimated that millions more actually browse the site in one way or another to gain insight, entertainment, information or news.

Twitter is a communications juggernaut.

While it’s easy for marketers to embrace the latest trends in the social media world, there’s no question that Twitter continues to shape the world around us. Whether it’s the websites impact on breaking news or giving direct access to public figures – Twitter has changed the marketing and the world.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you some of the easiest yet smartest ways to drive marketing success on Twitter. These marketing ideas are meant to help any brand or individual capitalize on Twitters huge audience to drive meaningful results for their business. Let’s get to it…

Embrace Twitter Threads

If there’s one recent phenomena on Twitter that has taken on a life of it’s own, it’s threads. A thread is a series of Tweets that link together to tell a story that is longer than 140 characters and connects using a thread. Here are a few examples:

A thread opens up an opportunity for you to go deep into a topic and share it with your audience within minutes. For brands, a thread can be treated like a microblog post where you share a series of thoughts and ideas all linked together. When creating a thread on Twitter, you have the ability to include rich content such as GIFs and images as well.

Curate Content From Others

Establishing a reputation as someone who only shares their own content is not a good look. If you’ve already established yourself as an authority then sure, you can probably get away with it. But if your brand on Twitter has less than 50,000 followers, it’s not a bad idea to mix up your content once in a while with resources and insights from third parties.

Content curation is the act of sifting through the noise online to uncover the best articles and resources available. By sharing content from other people, you’re able to build relationships with others while also being seen as an authority on the topic as a whole. The best approach is to identify a few people or brands who develop content you like and be intentional in sharing their content and mentioning them when you do it.

To make your life easier, leverage a content curation tool like Crate & a social media scheduling service like Buffer to spread your content curation efforts over time.  Using Crate, you can type in Twitter handle of a few key influencers and within seconds be sent a feed of content that they’ve shared online.

Tag People In Your Images

Want to ensure that influencers know when you mention them in a blog post?

Use the Tagging function on Twitter to give them a notification that they’ve been tagged. To do this, you upload an image to a Tweet and once it’s uploaded, select the text “Who’s in this photo?” as seen here:

Once you click “Who’s in this photo” a dialog will appear that gives you the chance to search and tag up to 10 people. If you’ve mentioned 10 people in your article, leverage this functionality to send them a notification that they’ve been tagged. It will increase the chances that they will press “Like” or even “Retweet” the post for their followers to see.

Pay Large Accounts For Retweets

Did you know that there was an entire industry that is focused around creating HUGE viral Twitter accounts and then selling retweets to brands?

I didn’t!

And then I stumbled upon a gold mine of accounts who had millions of followers and offered you the ability to pay for retweets. In many ways, it’s similar to the idea of paying for a media company to give you a retweet (I’ve seen these in Media Kits) except the media company is solely on Twitter.

I ran a quick Pay for Retweet promotion on the Hustle & Grind account as I put this post together and the results started to roll in immediately:


How can you leverage this?

Find accounts with thousands (or millions) of followers and ask them if they would retweet your content for a price. If you can find an account that has an audience that lines up well with your own, give it a shot and see how it goes!

Show Twitter Love (Or Twitter Beef)

One of the most entertaining elements of Twitter is getting to watch brands or celebrities show love or throw shade at one another. It’s something that happens almost every other week in professional sports:

And once in a while trickles over into the world of popular brands:

Shots fired. Pew. pew. pew….

Now, I’m not saying go out and start a war with your competition! I’m just saying that sometimes, a little bit of sas and shade can actually work quite well for generating buzz. I mean, that tweet between McDonalds and Wendys resulted in thousands of retweets and hundreds of mentions in the media and press.

Respond To Popular Tweets With Wit

Since threading has become a primary way of communication on Twitter, the replies to a single tweet have become a “comment section” of sorts. If you scroll through your newsfeed and find any tweet that has generated a significant amount of engagement, it’s likely that there are tons of replies directly below it.

When you click a tweet from your newsfeed, it immediately pulls the individual tweet and any replies associated with ith. If it’s a thread created by the original user, it’s likely that their tweet will be directly below it. But if it’s a one off tweet, it appears like this:

In the tweet above, Matt’s response is at the top of the thread. If anyone clicked on that original tweet (metrics showed ~80 people did) they would see Matt’s response below it. A great way for you to take advantage of this functionality is to find popular tweets and respond to them with something clever, witty or interesting. In doing so, your tweet will generate engagement and be placed directly below the popular tweet.

It’s likely you’ve seen this in action if you follow any American politics:

Wrapping Things Up

Twitter offers a huge opportunity to connect with a massive audience. Don’t limit yourself by only sending out tweets and retweeting articles from others on the network. Spend some time getting creative and using tactics like those highlighted above to stand out in a sea of noise.

You never know what opportunities could await!

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  2. Sushant says:

    Adding the wit factor the tweets is sure a good way to get noticed, thanks for the ideas

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